Your website and social media plan have to work together

Social Media Plan & Website have to work together

Social Media and SMO firms are running rampant, they are all over, they hire all kinds of random people that live in their parents basements.  They will put you on Facebook  tweet for you on Twitter they will do Instagram, Reddit or the latest craze in the social-sphere  But in dealing with customer after customer I keep hearing the same thing. These firms are all going after small businesses but ignoring small business websites. They just assume as a small business this is all new to you. Maybe you don’t even deal with any Social Media currently. That doesn’t mean your web designer didn’t build in some social goodness when laying out your website. These random firms often just setup new Twitter accounts, new Facebook pages and leave your old ones in the dust. They also don’t get your site connected to these new outlets or even mention it’s an option.

I am here to tell you know, it is an option. Its not only an option but a necessity! Social media sites change on a weekly basis and the way users get information from them is different on every single one. But you know what stays through it all, your website. Your customers need a place to come back to for the most up to date information. If your current social media firm is not telling you this then they are not doing their jobs. If your going to launch a campaign your website needs to have the latest information first!

Did you know you can post all the same stuff to your website you put on social media? You can actually use your site to drive your social media and not the other way around. The most successful companies do this so why shouldn’t you?

If you want to empower your site to be your businesses launchpad into social media just contact us, we know how.